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• Integrate this Policy throughout all activities from Life Cycle Perspective.

• Continually improve all processes to enhance satisfaction by ensuring improved quality, reduced cost and effective services including safety.

• Continually improve HSE by carrying out potential risk assessment, and use of resources through recovery and investigation findings.

• Take appropriate actions to prevent all unsafe incidents and adverse environmental impacts.

• Monitor health of all employees through pre-employment and periodical medical checkups.

• Comply with the required standards, procedures, contingency measures, statutory requirements and management system in order to ensure Punjtan Air & Medical Services are managed safely, ecologically and in a substantial manner.

• Put concentrated efforts to impact requisite knowledge skills and training to all employees as well as interested parties to continuous innovate and improve the QHSE systems and processes.

Punjtan Air & Medical Services understands and believes that the avoidance and prevention of accidents, illness, health and protection of the environment are vital for the efficiency of our operations in business. Punjtan Air & Medical Services is committed to high standards of health, safety and environmental protection.